Month: October 2018

Benefits and Risks of Forex

The Pros and Cons The rapid success of the forex market is due to its volatility, global structure and size. Even extremely large trades placed by investors or traders cannot affect the given exchange rates due to its high liquidity...

/ October 18, 2018

6 Things to Consider When Developing a Restaurant App

Introduction If you own a restaurant these days, you will be remiss if you do not have your own application. Restaurant owners know the value of apps because it can bring convenience to their customers and more profits to them...

/ October 17, 2018

10 Important Things to Know If You’re Using Social Media for Business

With millions of people spending time on social media, it is needless to say that it is the next big thing in marketing via social media. A decade ago, the prominence of social media was questionable. But now, it’s clear...

/ October 13, 2018