6 E-Commerce solutions Tips In Improving The Optimization of Online Store’s Conversion Rate

The question “what makes someone take an action?” has had countless of hours devoted to study this. Today however, it is usually related with sales: what will help to increase my conversions besides hiring a ecommerce website developer? Can I do in getting high number of people in buying my provided product or service?

Yes would be the answer and it’s easier than you could imagine.

Here are the six tips in improving the optimization rate of your online store’s conversion.

1. Have Strong and Clear Value Proposition

“What’s in it for me?” is the first question you need to answer when someone new visited to your site.

Nick Peroni of Ecom Empires said: “I’ve been active for quite some times on steps in informing others the reasons why they supposed to be using the e-commerce program that I had created, and I still believed it’s there yet, but it’s absolutely assist that we created a video the present the value proposition clearly on the sign-up page”.

Whenever we decided to bring someone onboard, immediately we would tell them why they should listen. Informing them specifically on what’s in it for them and grab their attention immediately instead of giving hints such as by starting with “Hello” or “Welcome”. This will actually increase the likelihood for them to follow specifically on what you are asking.

2. Trust is key

Why is it would be more comfortable when purchasing something from your friends compared to buying from someone on the Craigslist even it is the similar items or sometimes higher in price?

It’s trust.

Place plenty of effort into developing a trust.

  •         Making your site simple to check. Use links that are trusted, testimonials from the customers,   and request recommendations from professionals
  •         Make it simple to reach you. Place your contact information openly and ensure the profiles of your social media  can be easily to validate.
  •         Emphasize you and your team’s credentials.
  •         Keep your site up to date, user friendly and professional

Remember that first impression is the key. You’re speaking to someone who might have contacted your organization or you for the first time.

3. Making a comparison with your competitors

What makes your service or product to stand out from the others may not be quickly noticed by the layman. You have expertise in your field but your customers may not. One good way to compete on something other than price is to create a product comparison page where you can extend from the objection raised by  that the customer.

Through their stellar “Get a Mac” ad campaign, Apple highlighted the differences in focus between the two products. Though the comic effect that had been amplified, they did a great job with the comparison of the products. You have the opportunity in bringing out the best of what you do and give incentive to the customer in choosing your service or product, when you do comparison first.

4. Add Incentives for A Rapid Action

The fear of missing out can be considered as one of the strongest motivators for people to respond in scarcity.

The two kinds of deficiency you can take advantage of to motivate action are:

Time Scarcity – Sale or Sale Ends Soon!

Quantity-related Scarcity – While Supplies last! Or Limited Supplies!

Both are effective, depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

You can run Time-sensitive specials that cause that feeling of urgency for things that are not certainly insufficient – a bulk of products that you have to move, or you’re service that will always have.

But always remember to be genuine and honest. Make sure what you run is real because your buyers can detect the imitation.

Director of Conversion World Conferences Michael Phuong keeps this in his mind. “

When we assemble the Conversion World Conferences together, we would like to assist people’s understanding on the technology of digital marketing and business better,” he said. “That occurs when you are trying to bargain people on attending. It has to come from an authentic place.”

5. Your Checkout should be on single page

Sounds easy enough but you’d be amazed.

On 2010, the Vancouver Olympics store tested two options when they tried to combine a page for checkout: one page and a Checkout with Two-step. The one single page beat the other option by 21%, improve the incentive on following through checkout.

Allowing your customers less opportunity to reconsider things by streamlining your checkout and they’ll be more attracted throughout the following, improving your conversion.

6. Utilize Videos for explanation

If a single picture is so valuable, how much the value would be on 30 pictures on every second.

After inserting the explanatory video on the home page, Dropbox observe the rapid boost in the context of conversion. It went a long way by showing customers what they will be receiving, especially for the customers that are less experts in technology which made it easier for Dropbox.

Take advantage on the video in informing your customers a story that they would like to listen, guiding them towards the conversion and observe the boost.

The marketplace is crowded, and these tips will go along in helping you make your ecommerce more effective. When it comes to conversion, every point assist in having high amount of profit and better company.